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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  January 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 10. >> right now at 10, no strength. the big dig outcontinues, some neighbors are still waiting on plows and some frustrated neighbors even called 911 1 #. . i don't know who i could get g come clean off the streets. > tonight, everything you needt to know about the cleanup and how you can track plow progress on your street.
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> plus, the blizzard break-inss how thieves took advantage ofoka the snowstorm this weekend. and licensed out of the gop debate on fox. we'll have the developing details. fox5 local news at 10 starts s right now. >> thanks nor joining us tonight, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. > we begin with the blizzard aftermath. we just learned that the federal government will open tomorrow, but on a three-hour delay. del federal government open, three-hour delay. employees also have the option for unscheduled leave or tell he work. as you might have guessed a number of schools are also closed in article, fairfax, fact quarter, manassas city and manassas park. also, alexandria rings in maryland prince george's county and anne arrundel county schools are closed. you can find the full closings and delays ceiling on the bottom
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of your screen. sue palka begins our weather o coverage tonight.cove we have seen some rain out there and that is further melting some of that snow. >> i actually had some good newn for you tonight, for a change, right? we did have someome significant melting today andg o even at this hour many places p are still in the low 40s which w is closer to where our average o high for the day to be. we've had some help from motherm nature let me show you the temperatures that we maxed out. at 51-degrees that was a nice surprise. believe it or not the snow department at reagan national has melted and exacted down to 10 inches. dulles got up to 5 # degrees. d their snow department currently on the ground 25 inches and bwi at 52 has a current snow department of 22 inches. we did get rid of a little bit b of that snow today and we're we' being helped out even tonight with these temperatures. it's 49 in annapolis, 50 in fredericksburg, 45 in cumberland, 43 here in the districts. why are we so much warmer p we
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were last night, 21 warmer in fredericksburg, 23 warmer in culpeper, it has to do with the wind direction. winds are out of the south. even cape hat razz is 60-degrees. but there is a frontal boundary just on the v, west virginia line and that is going to come through and bring in colderolde temperatures. good new has, even though we've melted a lot and even some rain showers that you see on radar i don't think we're looking at a big hard refreeze tonight. i think we'll have the showersws passing on through and don't be shocked if there is a little bii of snow mixed in especially in i the morning.the that will be very brief. we will clear out, but it looks like most places are going to t stay well above freezing, maybe even into the mid 30s tonight. i'm not anticipating a lot of refreeze that could be a different storys on thursday morning, much colder air is going to be coming into i town tomorrow and as opposed too today where we got up to 5 # t we're probably only stay in the 30s during the day tomorrow. tony and sean i'll have much
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more and i'll take you hour by hour coming up in just a about it. > thank you, sue. tha the blizzard digout meanwhile continues. today montgomery county executive ike leg it says underu the circumstances the county has done a very good job on snow move. they used 870 pieces of equipment and worked around then clock for three daze. by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morningw m every neighborhood in the county would have at least a path plowed out of of the neighborhood. meanwhile crews in virginia in continue work -- continue to work hard clearing the roads. v. says it is making significance. extra workers have been brought in as far away from connecticut. the goal is to make one lane inn autopsy subdivisions, at least one lane passible by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. in the districts, the cleanup costs are more than city leaders and pay thed. so far d.c. has spent nearly $12 million dealing with theing storm.orm. that's twice the amount of what
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the city budgeted for the entire winter. mayor bowser announced the snow emergency will end tomorrow at 6:30. > fed up, frustrated and angrya that is what many of you are telling us about the progress of snowplows digging out your y neighborhoods. we've heard from many of you wanting to know when you can c expect to see a snowplow. we sent out fox5's tissue a lewis searching for answer. she used a county snowplow tractor app.tor were they helpful? the >>reporter: i have to tell you really the honest answer is no.n what we discovered is that many of the area snowplow tractor apps are deceiving, including the districts'.icts take a look behind me. you're take a look on the d.c. snow tractor site. this is activity near our fox5 f local news station and i have tt say it's actually misleading. now, a spokesperson even says s that this information thatorma you're looking at is actually inaccurate and it's not the onll one giving snowed in residents
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problems.prob call it the chaos after the storm. >> the map was really not not designed for this level of stors and activity and the prolonged timeframe to go through these routes. > stores of mv residents are trapped by snow. to make matters worse when theyt log onto the county snow tractor app it's likely inaccurate. maybe we thought we should turn it off for this storm. s we decided against it because it really does provide some level of iormation.of even if there is a 24 and a 48 hour delay. milan and says that's the case with the montgomery county snowplow app act. he says it was never designed to provide realtime information, but at least it's up and running. the best option is to do 311 1 # and go on the west site. s prince george's county countye' plow tractor was pulled off linn after a dispute with the vendor. even so the county says it
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doesn't snow the snow removal process. >> all resources are going to be focused on our residential roadways. in the districts a department of public works spokesperson says the salting and plowing metrics on websites are in accurate and went onto say when apologize for having that erroneous err information out there and for the confusion its caused. and d.c.'s snowplow tractor app is not the only one riddle withl some problems in showing in s accurate we did grao to virginia departmv of transportation's snowplow tractor app and it actually has some delays. in fact, in one instance the delay was at least an hour, but if you take a look right here ii does show you a count down. right now it says three minutes and about 30 seconds to the next update. that's some news. what i can tell you is that most of the counties say that these snowplow tractor apps were never intended for a storm like this. they were also never intended tt provide realtime information.mai but here's a glimmer of hope.
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they say it doesn't impact progress. > tissue a lewis, fox5 local > well, some snowed in residents in prince george'sin county have gotten so frustrated they are calling 911 for help. the county says it is trying tot get through to all the sideide streets still blocked, but theyt are reminding everyone that 911 1 # is for emergencies only, not for snow removal. some of those people probably feel like it is an emergency. we need to get out of your communities.unit > fox5's sarah simmons is life in capital heights with more. sarah. >>reporter: hey, tony, that's right. i am on a street, saint margaret's drive where they alse have not had a plow through. if you can look down here itere started to melt. of course the temperatures were a little bit warmer.r. but still when we drove down d here just a little ways earlier it was tough to maneuver in a four-wheel driver vehicle. as you mentioned, people are so frustrated that they are calling 911. they don't know what to go. g they can't get through on o perhaps that 3 # 1 number. people just don't know what to
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it's the frustration in generaln across the county. now, when we got here, if you take a look, alan brown and his family were actually out shear shoveling their driveway andway also shoveling the street as well, just in front of their driveway so that they could getg out here. i talked with him about what w it's like for the rest of the te people here on the treat. he's kind of easygoing about it are but he said that's not the case for everyone. > my neighbor had to dig out all the way to the treat just to be able to get out and he has aa four wheel drive. > are people understanding. >> some. > what are you hearing. >> frustration. okay. and they went back inside.e. they were out here 9:00 tonight shoveling their way out. they've been pretty good about it. as we mentioned, though, we tolt you about people calling 911. 9 we actually got one of those calls in prince george's county. we got a recording of it. i
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we wanted you to hear it. let's take a listen.. prince george's county county 911, what's the location of the emergency. >> it's non not an emergency, iy need to know who i can get to come clean my street becauseause this is a senior citizen house. our streets are blocked. wh bo would i call? does anyone need an ambulance out there. >> no, we don't need an plans. i'm just trying to get a number to someone i can call so i can get someone to unlock these streets. > you hear how frustrated she is. as tissue a mentioned in herer report earlier, there weree problems with the plowed tractor. so people couldn't even look at that and see exactly maybe if a plow was even close by. so the frustrations were just mounting. but again they stress that prince george's countyce residents, they need to call 311. there had been some problems with that system as well, but it's just been overloaded o because so many people are stranded inside. so are sunshine baker was sun talking about this earlier
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today, just asking people to be patient. it's tough to do, but that's really all we can do at this point. you can see a the look of the snow is melting, so hopefully by tomorrow this will be an issuen we don't have to deal with. hopefully, tony, not for the f rest of the winter. back to you.o all right. sarah simmons reporting. thank you, sarah. > and the weight of this snow has caused another roofher collapse. the latest incident involved a house. this happened around 6 tonight on 18th street in northwest. the house was under construction. no one was hurt.. the talent level of the guys guy playing has really risen. that was not the right video fof that story, obviously.ious > we're going to move on to tht next story now. developing now on the campaign trail, yet another twist in yet licensed's freud with fox news. what's the latest in this one? > talk about a twist, trump
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says he's not a no go he will not participate in this week's debate. he has two beefs.wo he doesn't like one of the moderators and he doesn't like a statement put out by fox news today. we're going to lay it out out after the break. first let's sea what marina maracco is working on.orki >>reporter: the blizzard managed to shutdown the dmv, but despite that some some places got work done. coming up how they ransacked this local strip mall.
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> this one developing tonight, the next gop presentation debyre the this thursday will be missing the party's front runner. donald trump says he will not participate in the fox news debate. a statement from his campaign within just the last hour makesm that crystal clear. as you know, egos haven't like fox news host meaghan kelly andd she is the moderator for this week's debate. here's more from trump himselfie tonight in iowa. >> i'm going to have something s else in iowa. we'll do something where we raise money for the veterans and the wounded warriors. we're going to do simultaneously
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with the debate. most likely i am not going to do the debate. i'm not happy that they sent out press releases talking about put in and playing games. > let's explain why trump things fox news is toying with him. >> he has posted that she doesn't like meaghan kelly and doesn't she she should be one of the moderators. m late today fox news put out a tongue and cheek response to trump's campaign against meaghan saying we learned from a secretc back channel that i toll a and put in plan to treat donald trump when he becomes president. he has his own secret plan to replates the cabinet with his tweeter followsers to see if he should even go to his meetings. >> he said that was it. that's enough, he's not going to do the debate now. meaghan kelly spoke about it ono her show just a short time ago.
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>> trump is not used to not controlling things as the chief executive of a large organization. the truth is he doesn't get to control the media and while he's made his position clear about me after that first debate, roger always made his position clear, too.po meaghan kelly and her guests tonight. >> roger always is the chairman ceo of fox newiss and the fox television station group. he says meaghan kill will one ow the mode raters. as for trump there are allegations we're hearing that he didn't want to face crust because he has been surgeoning in the poles. maybe he feels he doesn't needst this debate. that's the update tonight. > well, the blizzard of 2016 o didn't slow down some thieves is prince george's county. g we heard about a break-in ateo a capital heights strip mall on add son road, south.h. a number of businesses were vandalized and lost property. fox5's marina maracco is life in
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capital heights with more. >>reporter: tony, it was definitely an eventful weekend for some more so than. you'll see just behind me the snow that's left behind fromro this blizzard that covered up this entire strip mall here. h one store owner locked up for the weekend and when he opened up again, he was met with an unexpected surprise. the snow was coming, so that's t why i closed early. > anticipating the blizzardd this store other than locked his door last friday afternoon, shutdown his business and waitee until the storm passed to open e back up. when he did, his store had been ransacked. i had one lap top, they took iti they broke the atm. atm they took my tobacco products. it should be like around $1,700 almost. > insulation and drywall torn up. >> they came back and they broke the wall next door.
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> the thieves got into fournto other businesses in this strip mall. >> they broke into the buildingb next door, through the insulation, the drywall. came in, broke the cameras next door, took a sledge hammer to break the cinder blocks to crawl into that unit. uni the only thing left behind, a safe that was beat up, but never opened. i was wondering if they could come again so i was trying to to fix. > while the repairs continue to take place here at this strip mall, csi did come out. out they photographed the scene,ne, unforth it inly according tong t this owner some of the surveillance cameras as well as radio were stolen in the hoist. as of tonight we have yet any arefreeze tonights in this casec > marina maracco, fox5 localloa news. > we have an update now on metro. rail service will resume at 5 on the red, orange, blue, yellow lines. it is still unclear if service s will be restored on the silver l
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line by the time rail service sr opens in the morning. workers still clearing ice from the tracks.. a shuttle bus service will be available between all silver line stations and west falls church on the orange line. metro bus will operate tomorrowr on a moderate service plan and metro access service will run tomorrow. also, if you are flying this fly weekend pack your patients, things are slowly getting backtg to normal. reagan national is reportingg delays right now. currently there are no delays at dulles or bwi mar al, but thatht could so if you have a flight, make m sure you check with your airline before you head out to the airport. >> coming up next tonight,onig details about a man arrested in d.c. for making violent threats. later in our blizzard coveragedc wait until you see the igloo igl that a fox5 viewer made. get this, it even has a tv. t and yes, that's smoke you seeous coming out of it. that's a fireplace inside. > as the big digout continuesoi we want to know how you were
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fairing in all of this. some of you have been wetting un in your pics like this one from earth, wind and fire. >> the only two streets in olneo oaks not dug out. out this community, it takes a vial age looks like. this israely way. w it looks like everybody got outo there to shovel. we invite you to keep sending your photos, keep tweeting your frustrations, hashtag fox5 digout and we pay show them right here.
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> we have breaking news rightre now out of oregon that nearlyeal month long standoff at a national wildlife rug fudge mayf be overment the associated press is reporting that one person was killed when authorities arrested the group's leader aman bund did
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i and several others during a traffic we don't know who was killed or whether mr. were any other injuries. that siege started january 2 j when they seized part of a wild rev fudge in parts of a disputeu > a louisiana man is in custody in maryland after localfter authorities asked for the public's help finding him. the man was wanted for making threats.thre us capital police and d.c. police were surgeoning for aaron dangle. he allegedly threatened to shoot people when the capital reopened after the big snow. early this morning howard county police found him in jessup. he was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation. at this point he has not been charged with any > tonight we're remembering a hollywood legend, 94 year old od abe what code a died in hisis sleep in new jersey, this morning. among other things, what god asw was known for his role in the godfather. he was voicing test a.
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his most famous role was on tv on the sitcom barney miller. he was survived by one daughter. > that's a long life.e. >> coming up next, toeing troubles in virginia. find out where some residents claimed they are being unfairly targeted. >> a local school districts got creative and announced school closures with a little humor. you hear the music, a little lit hint.nt. we'll be right back.
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> re capping tonight's top stories, donald trump says he sy will not participate in thursday's scheduled debate in des moines, iowa that will air on fox news. he pulled the plug after fox
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mock him after meaghanss comment. > many people are still stuck? their communities because the roads simply haven't been plowed. in other places maybors are nota waiting for the plows. p they are banding together to dig themselves up. trains on the read, orange, blue, green and yellow lines lin will begin service at 5:00 a.m. it's still unclear whether silver line trains will be able to go in the morning. metro bus will run on a moderate service plan while metro accessc will be back to normal. tune into fox news morning starting at 46789. 25.25 they'll have the latest word on the silver line. back h the districts, snow is making getting around and parking even more of a hassle than normal.l. > that's right, caitlyn roth is here with more on that story. s >>reporter: we are still digging out of several feet of snow. even though everyone is up and ready to move and businesses and schools are anticipating openin if they're not already tomorrowr
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it makes travel getting around. behind me on wisconsin avenue obviously it's after 10:00 at night. it's not so bad now.ow. all afternoon it was just a log jamb of cars. car now with all the feet of snownow even though it has been plowed, it takes up lanes, makes it harder to get around. earlier today in the districts d something had to be done. mayor muriel bowser said if you own a business and you haven't shoveled the sidewalk out off your business it's time that you have to do it. in fact, if you don't you will have to pi up. a law will be going into effect that you need to get out and shovel in the next day or two. >> you are beyond the time limim that you are supposed to do.o. i had the opportunity to walkk down connecticut avenue and there were, in one block there e were two property owners who had failed to clear their sidewalks. you heard her, if you are a business owner and you do take up property in the districts, you got to get out there and
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shovel, clear your sidewalks. along with that it'ss particularly important with the d.c. schools opening tomorrownig and then any other districts that will follow. i'm sure we'll hear other regulations in those areas. along with that here's another big issue that comes along when you've got a lot of snow on the row. people dig their spaces out for their cars. they move their cars, but theyhe want the spaces back.ack. take a look at this video that we saw earlier today in northwest d.c. d this happens all the time.e. people want to safe their spots. they put out lawn chairs, kitchen chairs, trash cans. people get very created with this. but the thing is you actually cannot do that. while they're not going around and arresting people and ticketing them, just know that a that is not allow and you cannot safe places. you've just got to claim your own. we know you're working really hard to dig out of them, butut just putting a chair there to safe it unfortunately is not going to do it.t. as we go through the week, the weather is thankfully improving, just do your part to try to help
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with the snow removal. it helps everyone else out in the long run. > in years past snowstormsnows would prompt the neighborhood kids to knock on your door,r, offer to your shovel your walkway or your driveway inway exchange for a it almost cash, right. >> the blizzard of 2016 seems a little different.. some people are complaining that kids are complaining of playing x box than shoveling and making money. for some kids in arlington this storm has been a jackpot. j >> there are a the lieutenant of people that haven't shoveled their snow.w. we made a lot of money doing it. >> how much? > close to like 300. sometimes we say name your price. usually sometimes we do it for f free just to help out people. sometimes people just give us u money just out of nowhere and stuff. > okay. kids if you're up because you don't have school tomorrow and you're listening and watching right now take a lesson from
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these two. they say they don't do t snow removal, they also help their neighbors rake leaves. >> bravo to them. t > dog it for free.e. >> that caught my attention.. here is one thing most kids universally love, most kids, a snow day from school and as our region continues to dig out anne arrundel public schools will onagain be closed tomorrow and w thursday. here's the fun part we want to tell you about. the row bow call for parents wasn't what you would expect. ep the communications officerca delivered news of school closings for thursday by making up a special version of his own of adel's hello. his daughter emily helped out, too. >> hello, it's me. it's the voice you love from and a face you do not see. and i've got news for you.
10:35 pm
we will close schools for another day, parents will cry boohoo. > parents will cry boohoo, howw fun is that. >> i think that was great. he said at the top of the callal in a normal voice, parents get ready this is a call you're not used to listening to. emily actually did some, too,, his daughter, but we didn't have time. > it's on the web as well, fox5 d.c. > still to come tonight, the maryland national guard rescueds a community that was snowed in. yep, and we're going to check out this igloo. a fox5 viewer built this. thi it even has a flat screen tv and fireplace inside. > what? >> yeah. america is feeling pretty goodd about shelling out monday aftert that holiday shopping, consumern confidencesu jumping in januaryj falling prices. that gave innervessors some
10:36 pm markets way up on tuesday. the other thing helping, higherh oil prices. it seems that folks could be lose be confidence in apple. the company needed disappointment when it sold only about 75 million iphones last quarter.ter. that was a bit fewer than expected.ed. meantime home values are heading higher. prices of single-family homes in november, just 5 percent blow the all-time high hit back in july, 2006.july you want to make mega bucks, buc look at the medical field, a new report says anesthesiologistsne arest bringing home the most pa. the average salary is 187 grand a year. not too shabby.habb that's business. i'm neil cavuto.
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> we have seen countlessha stories of neighbors diggingve t after the blizzard of 2016. 201 in fact, some of them took matters into their own handsheir when the plows did not show up. fox5 photo journalist johnn applegate showed us, a 60 year a old grandmother lead the charge in a bethesda neighborhood.d. we're just two houses from a main road but we've been snoweds in for days. > so much fell overnight the te first night nobody could get in or out. everybody's driveways are readyr and waiting and the snowplows haven't come. i said to my husband it's not that hard let's just shovel the street. he thought it would be overwhelming. he said maybe the neighbors will help us out. >> we worked our way down. when that was all finally broken through, we've been working our way up the road to get this last
10:41 pm
driveway will i be rated. sometimes we just have to start and let our hearts settle down for a minute.. i feel like it's every block. bo if all the neighbors got out ana did what we did the whole neighborhood would be done. >> i did mention that i'm a grandma. people of any age or fitness could be out shoveling snow. sno you just have to pace yourself. > she's the young grandmother. >> she's the new 60. > she needs those kids that were helping shoveling andveli making some money, >> i love the way the neighborhood banded together. > it happened out in my neighborhood, too. we couldn't get through without tractors so thank you to my neighbor max tufts and our tractor. >> kids don't seem to be doing i
10:42 pm
it like they used to, no, everyone who came to our house, they were professionals, not tht kids running through the the kids were busy like this. mom. you need the kids. > let's tell you what's coming up tonight at # 1. one of the stars of ionic sitcom friends he says he was so high g and drunk he doesn't remember filming three seasons of friends. that's brand new at 11. we're going to the developing story with donald trump. t his campaign says he's not going to take part in this week's gop debate. why he's on attack against fox news and one of the moderators. we're bringing you the top things you need to start your wednesday, to closings, delays and what is open and what you can expect on the roads. that's all on the way tonight at 11.
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> residents in arlington arets demanning some answers tonight.i a toeing company has begun toeing cars out of private parking lots where people had parked their cars. residents say they have no other place to park their vehicle also because their entire neighborhood is covered withd wi snow. fox5's ronica clearly has more. >>reporter: imagine coming homm after a weekend away, excited that you missed the blizzard b only to find that this is thehe current situation at your y street. well are that's exactly what happened to will kirk man, an arlington resident when he realized there would be no way for him to park here, he decided to park down the street in a store parking lot. l only to find that his car was towed by 6:00 a.m. this morning. > we'le of my street it's covered in a couple feet of snow. clearly no plows have come through since the storm. when will got home last night hn didn't know where he could park. he decided to park in a nearby n store parking lot. he admits that he did see the
10:47 pm
signs that warned those who werr not customers that they would be toed for parking in the lot. considering the situation ofe si streets in arlington after the storm he never expected to find his car toed this morning.orni >> this morning we went to movev the car. i was about 6:00 a.m. and it wasn't there. we couldn't believe that they would be toeing because there's literally nowhere else to park. i reached out to advanced toeinn about the incident and theyhe explained to me that thehe shopping center had snow removal equipment dropped off that evening anped the snow removalev could not be completed with thee cars in place. the company acknowledged thatat they are sympathetic to the frustrations of being toed, but were simply completing the job they hired to do. do. will explained it's not really a about blame, but he does feel treatmently frustrated the situation that has left himeft feeling that he has no parking options. >> i don't necessarily blame anybody, but it's, you know, just you frustrated. > will had to pay $135 to get t his car back after it was toed.e
10:48 pm
but what can you do when you'rey in a situation like this? let'l talk about it on facebook and twitter. for fox5 local news in arlington, i'm ronica clear i. > if you haven't had enough of the snow, how about a get away, take a look, patrick gordon and his roommates came up with the e idea to rent this igloo. they built it in new york and he posted it on air b and b. he says 5 people actually asked about the igloo before the website shutdown the listing. air b and b says the igloo t doesn't quite meet the occupancy standards. we event inside the igloo and it didn't look too good anyway. > forget that igloo. cornell williams posted this onn his facebook page with that hashtag fox5 digout. d the seabrook resident showed off the igloo he built in his fronto of his home. it came complete with a fireplace and a flat screen tv.
10:49 pm
can you believe this. there's the flat screen in thehe snow. there's the fireplace back there to keep warm and toasty. is that reel? >> that's what everybody kept saying, but we saw smoke comingm out of the top. it looks like there's people in there. the video has been viewed morere than 4 and a half million times. > look at the flat screen on s the wall. >> the kids are like yeah. yea they're much whatting videos in > they got to get him on good g day and he can give a tour of of the igloo.e ig >> if it's still there because it's warm up enough today.. > it might be a little servicel in the morning. i was just thinking one of the e same thing. should we volunteer tucker for that.. >> sure, why not. he's so tired he would probablyp take a nap in it. > i would love to see it in person, as well. wel a lot of melting today, 51-degrees, that's pretty incredible. >> i was stunned when i saw that today. > it felt like a little bit of a spring day. i has alia lot to do with the
10:50 pm
direction of the wind out of the south tonight ahead of anotherfa front that is going to comeome through. this is just going to last a few more hours, though, because weeu will be on the colder side tomorrow. we melted off a few inches today and the last couple of days. i'm not too concerned tomorrow morning about a lot of hard refreeze. yes, there could be a batch or o two of ice to the north and west. my bigger concern is thursdayy morning when i think we'll have a lot colder air around. aro tonight it's not too bad. b i do think we'll get into the te 30ss later tonight. we have a front that's on the move. it could end with a little bit of wet snow south and east of d.c. from the no big deal department, believe me.beli most of you aren't going back to school anyway. we'll be colder and a little bit on the breezy side tomorrow with temperatures only topping out in the up 30s. unlike today, a little bit of a change up. it's taking its time tonight so we've gotten a few more mild hours of it late this morning.
10:51 pm
the refreeze is the concern forr thursday morning and that's whee the temperature might be in the teens. that could be the slippery spots on thursday morning. we'll be watching close lift we'll he be back in the 50s this weekend, but we're going to be b dipping down for the next couplx of days into the upper 30s. tomorrow 39 with a breeze. it will feel a lieutenant colder to you. the sun should be out for most s the day. any showers we see will be really early before 8 or 9:00.:. thursday is also on the dry side. when our average high treatment is 34, we're at 44 at 10:00. yap last, 49, stevensville, 50, leonardtown is 50-degrees and even cumberland, 43. just to the west of that, though, is our frontal boundary and we do see colder air up andd over the other side of the mountains. we'll head into the mid 30s tonight. most places are going to be at t and above freezing which is whyy i don't think we're looking at a lot of black ice tomorrow
10:52 pm
morning. the frontal boundary willl bo squeeze out a few more showers s and maybe even a little bit of f snow south and east of d.c. not a lot of moisture. i wanted to show you while we we had a few move through earlier tonight there is a little bit more collecting with the frontah boundary and that will likely pass more to our south in the overnight i'll run you through the tourour castellani because it sees a few more spotty showers. we could collect more by 6 in in the morning. on the northern edge of the precipitation it mixes a little bit of saint mare yeas over to o the earn shore, you can see just a little bit of that. of by 8 in the morning mostost everybody is drew.y is the sun is back out and we'll just be looking at the breezes continuing. not as much melting tomorrow.w. we will see those temperaturesrs cooperating tonight overnight. e maybe you get down to 32-degrees up towards hagerstown, martinsburg, 33, winchester 34. maybe some low 40s down to the tonight.toni
10:53 pm
beautiful sunrises all this weee as well as sun sets and we wantn to say thank you jerry night for the beautiful picture you tweeted us. our temperature tomorrow around sun russ will be around 36. northwest freezes and actually a from our departing cold front as well as the high building in we'll get the northwest breeze up at times. the temperature in the upper 30s is going to feel cold for you. your high hagerstown 35. gaithersburg 36 and again it's going to be cold the next couplt of days, but as we head into the weekend, bye-bye cold air, more melting for the weekend as it looks like temperatures are going to be heading into the 50s. when we look at your fox that seven day forecast i want tocast show you while we look att thursday at 39-degrees, it's the morning i'm concerned about. a i just wanted to show you that some of these temperatures thursday morning could be as as cold as 13 or 12-degrees. which is why i'm a little worried thursday morning about black ice and maybe those school districts that are trying to get back need to be very aware off
10:54 pm
that problem. that's the only real problem in our forecast. friday we're around 42-degrees, saturday 48. we are warming up nicely next week. could there be a 6 on degree day in our forecast next week? it looks possible. p so quite a about it of melting m and it looks like most of next x week will be above average by a substantial amount.ial not too big of a meltdown, but enough that we should start getting a lot of help with snow removal from mother nature.natu a little brief break tomorrow with temperatures in the upper p 30s so you'll feel that. > okay. a little cold and then the warm up. >> and then the little warm up. > stay with us, we'll be right back.
10:55 pm
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> i had a chance to spend thehe afternoon in the greatness.. gentleman brawl at george masonn university today.sity he has been in the headlines for his offense on american muslims.
10:58 pm
he talked about that he also weighed in another topic in thee sports world. of course we know him from his years with the lakers, before lk that with the bucks. the question came up today asked by the largely student crowd onn whether student athletes should be paid.aid. there were arguments on both bot sides but he took a big picture look which might explain his answer. someone explained to me how much money you feel was made by factc that i was there and we won three consecutive championshipsp and he asked me how much of that money did you get? i said, none. he said you got to talk about that. that hasn't changed. i think it should change.nge. > we also got some insight on what he thinks of today's crop c of nba superstars. it's a much different game these days. he has any advice for you with t kids out there aexpiring to be the next john wall.
10:59 pm
>> the talent level of the guys playing now has really risen. they're not teaching the young kids how to score with their backs to the baskets. therefore, a lot of them don't learn the hook shots. s they don't know if you get closer to the basket a lot more of your shots will go in. > fundamentals. >> everybody is trying to get the three-pointer.troint > it's a different game now. >> i wanted to ask him about airplane. i think it's been over played. > surely he was serious. >> he was so engaging with the crowd i wish we had a chance too go one on one with him, but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. > maybe next type. >> maybe next time.time > stick around, the news at 11 starts right now. now this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, neighbors nei across the dmv are still digging
11:00 pm
out from the blizzard. b some people are stuck at home with no which to get out because their street hasn't been plowed, fox5 is pressing for answers. plus, one maryland superintendent is getting a lot of attention for this snow day message. hello, it's me. and donald trump, will he or will he not take the podium on thursday. >> most likely i won't be doingi the debate. > the reason why right now on fox5 local news at # 1. > and it is good to have you yu with us tonight, i'm ' tony ' t perkins and i'm shawn yancy.ancy >> right off the top the five fv things you need to know to start your wednesday. metro rail service will begin at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow on every line but the silver line. l free shuttle buses will be provided between all silver line stations and west falls church if the trains are not running. metro bus will run on a modified schedule. wednesday the federal government is reopening on a three-hour delay. tomorrow


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